Frequently asked questions

Do you provide strings?

With some services, on guitars and basses, generic (uncoated) strings are included at no additional cost. We generally have a range of most popular guitar and bass strings in stock, which are available for purchase, with any services.

Do you offer warranty on services?

Yes, guitar and bass setups have a standard 30 day warranty. Some services, such as wiring repairs, have a 90 day warranty on labor. Advanced services have longer limited warranty. We might be quacks, but we still stand behind our work.

Do you have instrument insurance?

Yes, we have instrument insurance from Anderson Insurance - an insurance company that specializes in instrument insurance.

Can the work on my guitar appear on your YouTube channel?

It is possible, but in some cases we might have to charge for this request, as it take much longer to complete a service when also making a video about it. While it is possible that your instrument might be selected by us, for a YouTube video, if you request this service we would have to discuss options.

Do you always change the strings, when you do setups?

If the guitar is brand new we might be able to do a setup without even removing the existing strings. But in most cases a tech can do a better setup if the strings are first removed. We also offer restringing services, when the guitar doesn't require a setup.

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